Classes & Workshops

in Drawing and Watercolor Painting
Austin-based artist JU Salvant offers winter, spring and fall art classes in the Austin and Central Texas area. Watercolor and drawing classes meet weekly on Monday mornings at Hobby Lobby in NW Austin. With more than thirty years of teaching experience, Ms. Salvant explains and demonstrates a wide range of techniques to make the rich medium of watercolor painting accessible and rewarding for artists of all levels.



Five day workshops

FALL 2017 WATERCOLOR CLASS  September 25th to October 30th, 2017 

WINTER 2017 WATERCOLOR CLASS  January 29th to March 5th, 2018                        

Mondays from 9:30 A. M. to 12:30 P. M. at

13729 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78759

Fee is $225 total, for six weeks (16 hours) of instruction.

Classes are designed for beginners as well as advanced students. Classroom space is limited to only ten students so register early. Click here to register or send inquiry about Joan’s classes

Class instruction will include the basics of good drawing (perspective, light, composition), color mixing, and brush stroke techniques using wet on wet method. There will be several instructor demonstrations throughout the course, and the student will receive lots of individual attention coaxing out their hidden abilities. Join Ms. Salvant for a most rewarding experience.

Some of Ms. Salvant’s students such as pastel and oil portraitist Char Eppright have gone on to successful careers as artists in their own right. Ms. Eppright’s

Five-Day Workshops
These workshops are designed to provide instruction for art guilds, art societies, and clubs. A total of 30 hours of instruction is provided over the five-day period. Click here to submit a workshop inquiry.

Instruction will be given in the basics of good drawing (perspective, shadow, composition, etc.) and in color mixing, brushstroke technique using wet on wet method. There will be several demonstrations of the artist’s technique and lots of individual attention, coaxing hidden abilities of the students forward. If weather and location permit, an afternoon field trip can be planned.

The five-day Workshop runs from Monday through Friday, 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00. Weekend Workshops (Friday through Sunday) are also available.

Cost is $350 per person. A minimum of 8 is required for a workshop. Maximum enrollment is 25, to ensure excellent individual attention for all students.

It is the Organization’s responsibility to provide a meeting space for the class, as well as transportation and six nights’ lodging (Sunday through Friday) for Ms. Salvant if the class is to be held outside of Austin.

Students will be responsible for all their own art materials. The instructor will provide a materials list and an instruction booklet. A table with an overhead mirror is requested – if available.