Commissioned Work

JU Salvant often works on commission, painting old family homes, ranches, estates and alma maters for private clients. With her background in architectural drawing and history, Ms. Salvant uses a combination of site visits (when feasible), client interviews and old photographs to preserve or recreate scenes of deep nostalgic meaning for the owners of these paintings.


Commissions new siteThe historic South Texas home  was the first home of a married couple, who preserved photographs long after they moved to their present home in Austin, Texas. In the years since, the house has been demolished. In 2010, at the time of the couple’s 30th wedding anniversary, they commissioned Ms. Salvant to create this portrait of the scene of many happy memories.



Plantation CommissionsThe plantation home  is in Virginia. Ms. Salvant’s client, a great great granddaughter of the plantation’s pre-Civil War owner, commissioned this portrait of the plantation, which has been in other hands since 1865 and is no longer accessible. Ms. Salvant created the painting using old photographs of the house as it appeared in the 1920s.


Childhood home commissionsThe house  was the childhood home of four siblings whose parents are now deceased. When the house was sold during the settlement of the estate, one sibling commissioned this painting, which was based on a site visit and photographs. The client who owns the original painting had digital color prints of the work made and framed to present to her brothers and sister at the final closing of the estate. This otherwise sad occasion was transformed by the great joy and surprise the client’s siblings felt on receiving this visible reminder of the many fond memories they still cherish of the years they lived in the house together as a family.

Ghosted Paintings

Sometimes a commissioned painting involves more than one subject that is meaningful to the client, but placing both in the scene is not possible because of their location.

In the case of “Nebraska Farmstead” the home and the barn were somewhat distant from each other. Each was of equal importance to the family, especially the red barn with the family name and date. The perfect solution was to “ghost” the barn through the beautiful Victorian home. This type of painting is the artist’s unique style and has always met with great satisfaction from the clients.

College and University Memorabilia
Ms. Salvant has painted many schools of higher learning, including Austin College in Sherman, Texas (below), Texas A & M, Baylor University, and the University of Texas for alumni and as gifts for recent graduates. These are usually larger paintings of at least 16 by 20 inches.


Commissioned Works Policy and Price List


Nonrefundable fee is to be paid in three equal installments.

  • First payment is due when work is commissioned-initial meeting.
  • Second payment is due when sketch is approved by client.
  • Third payment is due upon completion and acceptance of artwork.


  • Full sheet (22”x30”): $2100.00
  • Half sheet (15”x22” or 11”x30”): $1100.00
  • One fourth sheet (11”x15”): $700.00